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EU is the second main trade partner for Belarus. From the total trades of this country, 19.3% is represented by EU, accounting 10.4 billion of euro in 2020. Almost half of Belarus’ international trade is provided by Russia, Belarus’ first trading partner.

The main exports from Belarus to EU are:

  • Wood (aprox. 24%)
  • Base metals (aprox. 16%)
  • Mineral products (aprox. 13%)

The main exports from EU to Belarus are:

  • Machinery (aprox. 31%)
  • Chemicals (aprox. 16%)
  • Transport equipment(aprox. 12%)

The road transport is the most important type of transport through which the commercial trade is made. If you are looking for a partner for road transport on EU-Belarus or Belarus-EU, you must take into account a few aspects:

  • Belarus is outside of EU, so the transports are made based on the specific authorisation;
  • Customs procedures will be drawn up by customs commissioners both for loading the goods (opening operations in the export country / transit customs declaration) and for their delivery (closing operations in the import country / transit customs declaration);
  • The customs formalities in Belarus can be handled exclusively by the importer / exporter on the basis of a special authorization issued by the competent Ministry of Belarus; The carrier cannot carry out these formalities (as in the case of other non-EU countries), for this reason it is very important to make sure that your Belarusian partner carries out import / export and is authorized to do so by the competent authorities.
  • It is also very important to know the permitted transit for the transport of your goods. The shortest routes pass through Ukraine, but this is not always allowed.
  • Most trucks that transport from Belarus are owned by transport companies from Belarus, Russia or the Republic of Moldova;
  • In order to have access to their services, you need to collaborate with a forwarding company that has relationships, partners and experience to carry out these transports.

Based on our experience and extensive network of partners in Belarus and EU, Europa Expeditie can offer to you transport solutions for both, exports and imports.

Transport routes in Belarus

We load and deliver to the main regions andcitis of Belarus: Minsk, Brest, Gomel, Grodno, Mogilev, Vitebsk etc. But we are not limited to these, we can add other locations to / from which your goods must be delivered / picked up.

Transport prices from Belarus

Prices for transporting goods from Belarus depend on the type of transport you need, volume, weight, distance, delivery time, but also on additional services such as transhipment of goods.

Of course, the price also depends on the volume of goods and implicitly on the transport requests in the market, depends on the presence/ absence of capacity on the transport market, the situation of the transport approvals issued by authorities.

Every transportation request is different, because the customers’ needs are diverse. We strongly recommend you to contact us to discuss about your transportation needs and to provide you a customized solution according to them.

Types of transport: Belarus – EU / EU – Belarus

Freight transport in FTL mode

This is a dedicated transport for a single client. This involves renting a full truck to transport goods from a point to another. In most cases, the price consists in paying a fee per km traveled by the truck. There are also exceptional situations in which additional costs may arise, but they are brought to the customers’ attention.

Groupage transport

It means a single truck that has goods from several clients. It is also called LTL mode (Less that truckload). Compared to FTL mode, for a LTL transport, the customer pays a fee per pallet (if the goods are palletised) or a  fee per the floor area that ts occupied in the truck (if the goods are not palletised).

What goods can you transport from Belarus with EuropaExpeditie?

We can transport any type of goods to and from Belarus, from general goods to dangerous ones (ADR), oversized goods, temperature controlled goods and others.

What type of trucks do we use to bring goods from Belarus to EU?

Here is a list of trucks we use:

  • Tarpaulin truck
  • Refrigerated truck
  • Specialized flatbed/ trailer
  • 5 ton van

If you want to transport dangerous goods, it is good to know that our partners have in the fleet trucks authorized and properly equipped to safely transport your ADR goods.

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