Storage in the context of pandemics

We are going through tough times while people and businesses alike encounter difficulties as a whole. The rhythm that we used to call normal a few months ago now seems to be out of the ordinary. And the satisfactions we now have did not represent such a great achievement before. The current context will undoubtedly leave its mark on the perspective and the way things will unfold in the upcoming period.


warehouse interior with shelves, pallets and boxes, Rows of shelves with goods boxes in modern industry warehouse store at factory warehouse storage.

The activity in Sannicoara‘s warehouse has recently undergone some changes.  Some, we have managed to anticipate, others were unpredictable. Due to sector of operation, some of the clients in our portfolio have reduced their activity, given the problems created by the current pandemics. This was a change that we had partly analyzed and anticipated. Yet, we have been affected through a slower movement of goods, leading to decreased related storage services.


Prospects for our storage services, are promising for the upcoming period. Current customers, nevertheless, enjoy an increased attention from our team, due to all kind of new challenges they are facing as well.

Trying to satisfy any of our customer’s request, in terms of quantity and diversity, the team at Sannicoara warehouse understands the need of providing quality logistic services.


Warehouse stograge with stacked boxes in rows of a printing factory


Rows of shelves with boxes in modern warehouse

At Europa Expeditie, we have a clear focus on storage activity, as well as on transport and transshipment of  the goods. We constantly provide to our customers high quality services and  tailored solutions for their needs. Every request we receive is a new opportunity for us, taking us closer to excellence. We constantly invest in the personal development of our employees and in state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Our team operates with a high degree of fairness and transparency. We will always be there for those who want quality services and a long-term partnerships.


We trust in better days, to come, as the last few months have been head spinning and are strongly preparing for the next decade.

Europa Expeditie Team

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