In a place called „Home”

We are going through moments, stages and even periods of time when we feel the need to make changes, finding these aspects in our personal life and in business. Sometimes, we are reluctant to change, because that’s the human nature. But most of the time we embrace change gladly, because we know that beautiful things happen outside our comfort zone.

In today’s world things happen very quickly. We get involved in an increasing number of activities that we want to complete successfully. This is why, adaptability to change is essential. Try to adapt each time to market conditions, to the clients’ requirements and to those of employees.

In our business we had to show that we are adaptable, by accepting more and more the idea of a constant change. One of our principles is to consider difficult situations as opportunities, for to evolve. Said and done.

We need to admit that it was not one single change, but we benefited from changes in different directions. We consider it, as a benefit because without change we cannot grow as individuals, as a team or as a business.

The change we have made, was of perspective, but also of view. We moved from the office we have been calling “home” for more than 10 years and decided to physically join the E van Wijk family. Since we are experiencing new situations, those who are truly close to us and with whom we want to share our entire experience are of course our sister companies.

In an environment so dynamic as road transport, there must be a balance in everything we do, and if there is not, we strive to find it.

This is how we freshly started 2019, in trusting our team, having a number of projects making us confident for the future in our new offices.  Although we began the year immersed in change, one thing remains certain: The values and principles that are guiding our entire activity will never change. We strongly believe in the quality of the relations we are building and the quality of the services provided, therefore guaranteeing the success of each collaboration.

We trust our team, having an expertise of more than 20 years in national and international road transport and we know how to add value to services offered. Because we know that a company, no matter what operating domain it has, is finally led by people. Europa Expeditie, knows how to approach people, to understand their needs and to find customized solutions.

For us, change meant evolution, it helped us growing and learning amazing things about us as individuals, but also about the business.

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