The main Romanian goods exported to Europe and the rest of the world

According to Eurostat data, 76% of the total volume of goods exported from Romania are destined for the national markets of the European Union, and the remaining 24% for other global markets. Statistics show that the majority of Romanian export is aimed at the main economies of the European Union: France, Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom. They absorb 57% of the exports of goods and services from Romania to the European Union and 44% of the total exports (i.e. approximately 37.2 billion euros in 2018), also resulting in a trade surplus of 3.8 billion euros for these countries.

Germany represents the main European market for Romanian goods producers. Approximately 30.1% of Romania’s total exports of goods to the European Union states are intended for German consumers. The following largest markets for Romania are Italy (12.2%), France (9.6%), and Hungary (6.6%).

According to the data of the National Institute of Statistics, the structure of exports and imports of goods is following:

Fig. 8: The structure of the exports and imports in 2018

Graphics for Romanian export and import

Source: National Institute of statistics

According to Eurostat data, in 2018, transport services generated exports of approximately 6.15 billion euros, representing a third of the total exports of services from Romania and the equivalent of 46% of the total surplus of foreign trade in services. These services were mainly contracted in Germany (approximately 1 billion, or 16.5% of the total transport services), Austria (757 million euros, 12.3%), Italy (677 million euros, 11%), the Netherlands (630 million euros; 10.2%), Spain (625.5 million euros; 10.2%) and Belgium (594 million euros; 9.7%). It should be mentioned that in 2018, 77% of all transport services exports come from the road goods transport sector.

According to the UNTRR data, estimated based on the latest statistics received from the Romanian Road Authority, in 2019 there are approximately 34,000 licensed Romanian companies.

Figure 20. Structure of transport services exports (2018)

Structure of transport services export

Data source: Eurostat

Maritime 3% Air passenger 6% Air cargo and other types 5% Road transport 77% Railway 2% Other types 7% 18 for road freight transport, which operates a total fleet of 153,000 freight vehicles over 3.5 tons (trucks).

At the top of the trade surpluses, transport services are followed by processing goods owned by third parties. The relatively cheap cost of labor, as well as the comparative advantage that Romanian producers have in certain fields (eg: textiles, leather, and shoes), attract international companies to carry out lohn-type activities in Romania (processing services of goods owned by others), generating aggregate exports of approximately 2.71 billion euros in the analyzed period (14.8% of total service exports) and a trade surplus of 2.6 billion euros. These are aimed, in particular, at the German market (846 million euros or 31% of the total exports of lohn-type services) and the Italian market (778 million euros; 28.4%).

Figure 21. The trade balance by service category

trade balance by service category

Main goods exported by Romania to Germany

The main goods exported by Romania to Germany, are cereals, oilseeds, and medicinal plants, vehicles, electrotechnical products, and mechanical devices. These are the main goods imported by Germany from Romania in 2019, the total value of the goods being 10 billion euros. The first two categories of goods exported by Romania are cereals and seeds, with a total amount of over 700,000 tons in 2019, according to data from the Federal Institute of Statistics in Germany.

Not by chance, the main category of goods sent by Romania to Germany is grain, considering that Romania is among the biggest producers and exporters of grain in Europe.

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Main goods exported by Romania to Italy

Italy is Romania’s second export destination. Italy is at the top of Romanian exports destination thanks to the numerous stores and shops with Romanian products located on Italian territory.

Romanian exports to this country cover more than 11% of the total foreign sales of goods in Romania.

Romania exported almost 8 billion euros worth of goods to this country in 2019, an increase compared to 2018 (7.75 billion in 2018).

Main products exported by Romania to Italy

  • tires;
  • optical cables;
  • furniture;
  • clothes.

Shares of total Romanian exports to Italy

  • textiles, 1.8% of the total (1.2 billion euros;
  • “means and materials of transport” of 1.6% (1.1 billion euros);
  • shoes,  1.1% (776 million euros).

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Main goods exported by Romania to France

Bilateral relations between Romania and France have a long history of over 130 years.

In the first 4 months of 2020, the volume of bilateral exchanges was EUR 2.61 billion, down 17% compared to the same period of the previous year, of which exports were EUR 1.28 billion (-24.5%), and imports were EUR 1.33 billion (-9.69%). These decreases are due to the crisis generated by COVID 19.

The top of the products exported by Romania to France

  • Cars, appliances, electrical equipment;
  • Vehicles, aircraft, and transport equipment;
  • Plastic materials, rubber;
  • Textiles;
  • Various goods and products (furniture).

The structure of commercial exchanges by commodity groups:

top 5 categories of products exported from Romania to France

The structure of exports remains constant, at the level of the same groups of goods. Also, exports are concentrated at the level of the first two groups of products (machines, appliances, electrical equipment and vehicles, aircraft, and transport equipment). In general, there is a tendency to consolidate the share of exports of products with a high degree of processing.

Main goods exported by Romania to Hungary

Hungary is one of Romania’s main commercial partners, ranking fourth in the top of our country’s export destinations with a 4.92% share and third in terms of Romania’s imports, with a share of 7.32%.

The largest share in the total Romanian exports is represented by the section of machines, appliances, and electrical equipment (24.9%), followed by the common metals and metal articles (14.78%), mineral products (13.27%), vehicles and transport equipment (11.34%), plastics, rubber (5.70%), products of the chemical industry (5.50%) and products of the vegetable kingdom (3.43%).

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