With over 20 years of experience in the field of international freight transport, Europa Expeditie guarantees services at the highest level. We put your needs first and offer customized solutions for all transport services (temperature-controlled transport, ADR transport, oversized transport, express transport) as well as other related services, such as storage.

Further, we will tell you more specifically about our capabilities to deliver your cargo.

What does international cargo delivery mean?

International cargo transportation is the transportation of goods from one country with delivery to another, performed by a certain truck. This type of transportation can also include the transit of one or more countries in the direction of the place of delivery.

What are the stages of freight transport?

Any international delivery of cargo includes the following stages:

  • Registration of a request for transportation and discussion of terms and conditions for delivery of this cargo;
  • Supplier Selection and Verification; forwarding the transport request to the supplier;
  • Execution of transportation;
  • Completion of transportation and receipt of goods by the buyer (after delivery of the goods, we will take care of the necessary documents and send invoices to customers)

Types of goods that can be carried

By collaborating with our shipping company we can ensure the transport of the following types of goods:

  • General goods, in FTL or LTL regime;
  • Goods requiring controlled temperature;
  • Oversized goods;
  • Dangerous goods ADR.

Freight transport services - international routes

We carry out road transportation of goods both within the EU (Germany, Italy, France, Benelux, Poland, Hungary, Spain, Slovakia) and outside the EU zone (Russian Federation, Ukraine, Turkey, Kazakhstan). In addition to the various routes we operate, we can add your destination.

Required documents

Regardless of the type of cargo delivered, it is necessary to follow a set of rules and comply with the laws of each of the countries through which transit takes place.

In addition to the obligatory documents that must be kept by the driver (identity document, driver’s license, accreditation, etc.), he must also provide the documents necessary for international delivery of goods:

  • accompanying documents for the goods;
  • international forwarding letter;
  • customs shipping document, TIR Carnet
  • permits issued by the Ministry of Transport from destination or transit countries, as appropriate.

Why you should choose Europa Expeditie?

Europa Expeditie, a member of the E van Wijk group of companies, is a Romanian-Dutch sipping house with more than 20 years of successful experience in the transport market. Our mission is to provide high-quality services to our clients, which is why we very carefully choose our partners.

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    We offer logistic solutions customized to the client’s needs, having as a priority high-quality services. We are a partner for all types of transport at European level. We have 20 years of expertise in road  transport and we have always been a trustworthy partner in all collaborations we have established over time. We choose what is best for you, we precisely calculate the duration and the distances, taking into consideration all factors that can appear whilst performing the transport.

    Immediately after we receive your request, you will be contacted by the proper expert for your requirements, by phone or e-mail.

    After filling in and sending the offer request form to us, we will contact you back with a transport solution adapted to your needs, by road, by sea or “from door to door”. Our entire team is fully dedicated to the success of every collaboration.

    We guarantee the immediate reply to your request. We know that every transport has specific requirements and our expertise helps us make efficient and safe decisions as quickly as possible. Our team will meet your needs with the best transport solution, offering high-quality services and delivering the goods in time and safely.

    For requests regarding the transport of containers, we need the size of the container in order to know what type of truck is needed for it, so that we can find the proper solution for you.

    We do not have an actual truck tracking system, but our network of carriers do have such tracking systems. Therefore, at any time during the transport, we can have correct and exact information on the truck’s location.

    Yes, paint classifies as ADR, being dangerous goods. We can arrange transportation of dangerous goods in almost every case. Our carriers are specialized in almost all categories of ADR.

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    To move cargo most efficient, ergonomic and safe possible, we need specific support. This support is called a pallet and can be made of wood, plastic or metal. When choosing the best version, we take into account multiple factors: the type of cargo, the environment of use or the type of load. There are no standard sizes for pallets which are regulated at international level, since terminology and fabrication standards differ from one country to another.

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