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Sweden has a mixed economy, mainly export oriented. According to the official website of  European Union, 52% of Sweden’s exports are made in the EU (Germany, Denmark, Finland) and imports come from Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark at 68%. The vast majority of Sweden’s industry is in the private sector, with the basis of resources of the economy being construction, automotive, pharmaceutical industry.

Europa Expeditie has developed, in the over 25 years of activity, a vast network of partners in carrying out import/export transports to/from Sweden. Thus, we can come up with a transport solution regardless of the location of loading/delivery, the size of the goods, or their type.

We offer you profitable transport solutions on Romania – Sweden route, but we are not limited to this. We can also provide you with import or export solutions from Sweden with a loading or unloading point in any other country in the European Union or even outside the EU (for example Ukraine, Turkey, or England).

The trucks used by Europa Expeditie offer a wide range of FTL or LTL transport daily to various destinations in Sweden. We know from our experience that the loading of the export or import goods from Sweden can usually be combined with other loadings. Whether we are talking about groupage transport, refrigerated transport, oversized transport, or ADR transport, we will offer you an individual solution according to your transport needs.

1. Transport routes Sweden - Romania

Europa Expeditie organizes FTL or groupage shipments on Sweden – Romania route to most major cities or logistics centers such as Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö, Uppsala, Linköping, etc.

We can also add your destination to this list.

2. Shipping prices to/ from Sweden

Prices for transporting goods from/to Sweden depend on the type of transport you need, volume, weight, distance, and delivery time, but also on additional services such as transshipment of goods, and permits in the case of oversized goods, special transport conditions, additional insurance, etc.

It is well-known, that the price also depends on the volume of goods and, implicitly, on the transport demand in the market, the presence or absence of capacity in the transport market, etc. Given that Sweden is a highly industrialized country, the demand for transport is always high, which also attracts a very important transport capacity in this market.

Since every transport request is unique and customers’ needs are diverse, you can contact us to get customized solutions to your transport needs.

3. Types of transport Sweden - Romania - Sweden

3.1. FTL transport

Dedicated transport for a single customer. It involves renting a full truck to transport goods from one point to another. In most cases, the price is based on the payment per kilometer traveled by truck. There are also exceptional situations where additional costs may occur, but they are brought to the attention of customers.

3.2. LTL transport

This means that one truck transports goods from several customers. It is also called groupage.

Compared to the FTL regime, for groupage shipments, the customer pays per pallet (if the goods are on pallets) or per floor space occupied in the truck (if the goods are not on pallets).

4. What goods can be shipped to/ from Sweden with Europa Expeditie?

We can carry any type of goods to and from Sweden, from general cargo to dangerous goods (ADR), oversized goods, machinery, temperature-controlled goods, and so on.

5. What trucks do we use to deliver goods to/ from Sweden?

Here is a list of trucks we use:

  • Tarpaulin truck
  • Refrigerated truck
  • Flatbed trailer / specialized trailer
  • 7.5-ton truck
  • 3.5-ton van etc

Our network of partners owns the fleet of trucks that are authorized and equipped appropriately for each type of transport requested.

We organize freight transport to Sweden from all EU/non-EU countries and vice versa.

Whether you are transporting a small amount of goods (for which you need a groupage) or you need to transport a large amount of goods (for which you need a full load), Europa Expeditie can help you.

If your goods do not exceed the permitted dimensions or you need to transport oversized cargo, we have solutions for each type of transportation.

In case the delivery or loading location is outside the EU and you do not have a customs commissioner to carry out customs formalities, we can help you with this, as well as with other additional services.

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