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Europa Expeditie, a member of the E van Wijk Group, is a Romanian-Dutch forwarding company, offering for over 20 years, its expertise on transport market. We perform a diversified range of road transport services, relying on an extended network of national and international collaborators.

Experience, professionalism and quality are the foundation we build a future-oriented business, our objective being to offer fast, customized transport solutions tailored to the real needs of our customers.

We strongly believe in the relations that we are building, as well as in the quality of our provided services, therefore guaranteeing the success of each collaboration.


We offer logistic solutions to add real value to our client’s product. Having long time experience, we succeeded in carefully selecting our collaborators, thus providing quality services, paying attention to costs and acting at the same time socially responsible.

Europa Expeditie is approaching things in a direct, personal manner, considering atypical situations as new opportunities, leading us closer to excellence.



Out of desire to connect people, locations and information we ensure high-quality services to our customers. We bring customized solutions tailored to the client’s needs.

We invest in our employees’ personal development, by creating a pleasant and motivating work environment, as well as in IT infrastructure and latest generation of trucks.




  • Customer’s needs are the focus of our attention;
  • Motivated and well-trained employees, to achieve successful results;
  • Pleasant work environment, high-quality equipment, modern resources which ensure efficiency and effectiveness;
  • Continuous process improvement to reduce transport and logistics costs to the clients’ benefit.



  • Integrity: we act according to the highest moral and ethic standards.
  • Respect: we believe it is our right to be different and we respect the idea that such a “way to be” is valuable.
  • Passion: we dedicate ourselves to everything we do, because we want to add value to all our collaborations.
  • Flexibility: we strongly believe in results by specifically approaching each of our customer’s needs.
  • Dynamism: we treat difficult situations as opportunities, never as obstacles.

E van Wijk Group Companies

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Address: Clujului 7, 407042,  Sannicoara, Cluj County, Romania

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Address: Expeditiestraat 14 , 4283 JG Giessen, Netherlands

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Address: Vijverweg 2 , 7641 LH Wierden, Netherlands

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