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HISTORY goes on …

Going back to 1996, the starting year of Europa Expeditie, alongside the already existing  international transport company, Logistic E van Wijk, our activity as customs broker, was a real support for the group companies.


The moment when international transport sector experienced a real expansion

By that time, our country was having a complicated customs legislation, the need for real support in this field was crucial for the group.

Part of  an well known group at international level for its transport and logistics quality services and partnerships, Europa Expeditie knew a real progress. Once Romania joined the European Union, the company changed its main activity to forwarding, within Europe.

Operating in an very dynamic sector, involving a high degree of flexibility and adaptability to market requirements, Europa Expeditie succeeded in building long term relations with employees and customers.

We are proud that a large number of our customers have been road partners ever since the beginning. We invest, build, develop and maintain partnerships, being flexible in satisfying the clients’ requirements.

E van Wijk Group Companies

Logistic E van Wijk

Address: Clujului 7, 407042,  Sannicoara, Cluj County, Romania
Tel. +40 372 300 200

Twentepoort Logistiek BV

Address: Vijverweg 2 , 7641 LH Wierden, Netherlands
Tel. +31 546 45 5374

E. van Wijk Logistics BV

Address: Expeditiestraat 14 , 4283 JG Giessen, Netherlands
Tel. +31 (0) 183 44 79 00

Himex Logistics

Address: Vijverweg 2 , 7641 LH Wierden, Netherlands
Tel. +31 (0) 541 55 11 13

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