Our team

“A business grows through the people it forms, as well as along with them.”

Every business is built on a series of principles highlighting its activity, the team being the one able to influence this direction.

At Europa Expeditie, we work successfully in teams or individually. Every team member adds value, necessary to every successful collaboration. We are driven by the customer’s needs, because we want to contribute to his success.

Every collaboration is a new challenge for us, an opportunity that helps us grow. With professionalism, innovative spirit, but also with the flexibility of our team, we succeed in offering customized solutions, for any type of business needs.

In an ongoing changing market, where time values a lot and fast reactions can make a difference between success and failure, Europa Expeditie has the ability to find the best solutions in the shortest time!

Our expertise in the past 20 years of operations, in international transport and forwarding, plus the quality of our services provided all this time, recommend us as a stable and reliable partner.


E van Wijk Group Companies

Logistic E van Wijk

Address: Clujului 7, 407042,  Sannicoara, Cluj County, Romania
Tel. +40 372 300 200

Twentepoort Logistiek BV

Address: Vijverweg 2 , 7641 LH Wierden, Netherlands
Tel. +31 546 45 5374

E. van Wijk Logistics BV

Address: Expeditiestraat 14 , 4283 JG Giessen, Netherlands
Tel. +31 (0) 183 44 79 00

Himex Logistics

Address: Vijverweg 2 , 7641 LH Wierden, Netherlands
Tel. +31 (0) 541 55 11 13

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