As a reliable partner, that understands the customer’s needs and identifies logistics/forwarding solutions, we propose following types of freight transport: National / international transport, temperature controlled transport, oversized transport and ADR transport.



Europa Expeditie offers FTL (full truckload) and LTL (less than truckload) transport, directly from point A up to point B, covering all the needs you might have. You can book daily these types of transport and forwarding, ad hoc or we can discuss a larger long term package/partnership.

FTL and LTL tailored to your needs, offering transparent processes, tracking of your shipment, all in order to ensure high quality standards. In addition, Europa Expeditie offers groupage services through its extended network, covering the EU countries and not only. We are creating added value, by finding customized solutions for your needs. We focus on continuously improving our services, offering daily connections to all major destinations, guaranteeing a quick delivery.


 Temperature controlled

Europa Expeditie is your reliable and specialized partner in temperature controlled transport. Through our extended network of logistic partners, experts in temperature controlled haulage, we guarantee that perishable goods, medical/pharmaceutical products, or food are transported under the best conditions. Trucks are equipped with latest technology, to maintain a constant temperature between -25°C and +25°C.

No matter what your logistic or forwarding request might be, Europa Expeditie provides you a diversified range of services, offering specific solutions to your needs.

You trade with flowers and plants? Europa Expeditie can offer you customized solutions matching your needs also through a network of partner companies in the Netherlands.

The complete range of semi-trailers used by Europa Expeditie are equipped with electronic measurement systems, to control temperature during transport. Data can be read in real time and can be stored. This is possible, for example, at -25°C for refrigerated transport, but also for heated transport, up to a maximum of 25°C.


Oversized Transport

We meet your need by offering customized solutions to your transport and forwarding requirements. We provide a wide range of oversized types of transport, within the EU, but also to non EU countries like: Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, etc.

The extensive network of logistic partners we have created in the past 20 years of business, are helping us provide to you the best solutions for your goods.  Part of the E van Wijk Group of companies, we share the same values, such as trust, stability and the quality of the services provided to all our partners and customers.

Trucks are equipped with all necessary anchor points and elements needed to comply with standards at international level. We will handle, the actual transport and also everything what entails oversized transport, such as authorizations, or related escort services. Your cargo is safe with us!

We meet your transport and forwarding needs with the following types of trucks:

CMR insurance of up to 1,000,000 Euro

ADR Transport

Our experienced drivers have an adequate training for ADR transport, proper protection equipment, in accordance with international regulations. Considering the labeling of dangerous goods, we are always aware of our responsibility, for this kind of transports.

Except for Class 1 (explosives) and Class 7 (radioactive substances) of dangerous goods, we transport and forward any type of ADR cargo that, can be loaded to a refrigerated or tarpaulin semi-trailer/trailer. As a customer, we invite you to only focus on correctly declaring and labeling your vdangerous goods. We take of the rest!

For any kind of questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly help deliver your next ADR cargo, considering all safety regulations, with Europa Expeditie.


Motion blurred tanker truck on the highway. Chemical industry and pollution concept.


We offer logistic solutions customized to the client’s needs through high-quality and highly safe transport services. We are a partner for all types of transport at European level. We have 20 years of expertise in the field of freight transport, and we have always been a trustworthy partner in all the collaborations that we have established. We choose what is best for you, we precisely calculate the duration and the distances, taking into consideration all the factors that can appear when making the transport.

Immediately after we receive your request, you will be contacted by the proper expert in your needs and requirements, either by phone or by e-mail.

After filling in and sending the offer request form to us, we will contact you back with the transport solution adapted to your needs, either by road or by sea or “from door to door”. Our entire team is fully dedicated to the success of every collaboration.

We guarantee the immediate reply to your request. We know that every transport has specific requirement, and our expertise helps us make efficient and safe decisions as quickly as possible. Our team will meet your needs with the best transport solution, offering high-quality services and delivering the goods in time and safely.

For requests regarding the transport of containers, we need the size of the container in order to know what type of truck is needed for it, so that we can find the proper solution for you.

We do not have an actual truck tracking system, but our network of carriers does have such tracking systems. Therefore, at any time during the transport, we can have correct and exact information on the truck location.

Yes, paint is in the category of ADR dangerous goods. We can arrange to transport dangerous goods in almost every case. Our carriers are specializing in almost all classes of ADR.

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To move the cargo under the most efficient, ergonomic and safe conditions possible, we need specific support for this operation. This support is called a pallet, and can be made of wood, plastic or metal. When choosing the best version, we take into account multiple factors: the type of cargo, the environment of use or the type of load. There are no standard sizes for pallets which are regulated at international level since the terminology and the fabrication standards vary from one country to another.

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